BIENVENUE A LA Casa Amarela!

Casa Amerela, Moon on top of the house, Morro de Providencia, 2017

Casa Amerela, Classroom, Morro de Providencia, 2017

Casa Amerela, Through the window, Morro de Providencia, 2017

BIENVENUE A LA Casa Amarela!

December 20,2017

JR and Mauricio Hora, local photographer and historian of Morro da Providência, the first favela of Brazil, set up Casa Amarela in 2009 after JR's project "Women are Heroes." Casa Amarela is a cultural house at the top of the oldest favela of Rio de Janeiro, that is used as a cultural center for its residents. The space is used to offer activities around Art, Education, Culture - art workshops, theater, capoeira, dance, yoga, photography, language classes... Casa Amarela is open everyday for residents, who come after school or work to express their artistic and creative selves. Any artist from all over the world can use the space to give a workshop to the youth of the community.

This year, the moon was built on top of the house as a symbol that Casa Amarela aims to have people from Providência reach the moon!

400 artistic workshops per year
9 years at the top of Morro da Providência
200 language class per year
20 dedicated artists and teachers
90 children, teens and adults

Local artists give weekly art workshops, providing the youth with notions such as tradition and identity in the Brazilian culture, while expanding their artistic and creative abilities. The youth are always very animated to try out new techniques while attempting to put their own personality into their work of art. The results are always very impressive and the children and adolescents show great engagement in the art making process!

Casa Amerela, The library, Morro de Providencia, 2017