When I was 19, I was spending my nights pasting small posters framed with paint in the streets of paris. I got an email from a student of Ecole du Louvre, his name was Emile and he told me that he noticed my work and that he was writing an essay on the bridge between art in the streets and Museums.. Even if I was afraid it could be some police trying to frame me, I met him in the middle of the night on a bench in paris .. At this point in my life I was doing everything by myself and never thought that artist could be a job.. I now realize how naive about art I was and maybe thats what gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted. As I didnt know how to write (I still dont and Marco helps me), every time I had a text to do, I would ask Emile, so he wrote the foreword of my first book ... He then interviewed my friends from Clichy Montfermeil for the book we were doing with @ladjly One day he came to me and said, I think you need an assistant to help you, even more so if you are going to travel... I didnt know if I could pay a salary. I was 22 and I didnt need much but Emile had 2 kids and it was a big commitment on both sides. And thats how its started ... when I traveled for the first time to the Middle East he backed us up from Paris.. and then we traveled to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Kenya, Sudan, India, Cambodia , Brazil ... For the first 3 years, we planned every single project together and slowly built a team .. we survived a few gunshots and Ill always remember his mother driving him to the airport asking me to bring him back alive ! mile became one of my closest friend and he will always be.. last week was his last project at the Louvre as he decided to try to challenge himself and live a new adventure. Even if I am sad to see Emile leaving the team, I know that well always be here for each other. Anything anytime ! Long live Emile and Merci

JR at the Louvre. The Secret of the Great Pyramid.

2019 Apr 1 - 23:43

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Louvre Pyramid, JR created a collaborative piece of art on the scale of the Napoleon Court. Three years after having made the Pyramid disappear, the artist brought a new light to the famed monument by realizing a gigantic collage, thanks to the help of 400 volunteers !

Each day hundreds of volunteers came to help cut and paste the 2000 strips of paper, making it the biggest pasting ever done by the artist.

The images, like life, are ephemeral. Once pasted, the art piece lives on its own. The sun dries the light glue and with every step, people tear pieces of the fragile paper. The process is all about participation of volunteers, visitors, and souvenir catchers. This project is also about presence and absence, about reality and memories, about impermanence.

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2018 Nov 21 - 19:46

"MOMENTUM. la mécanique de l'épreuve" is JR's first major museum exhibit in Paris. It highlights the artist's monumental work, first photographs and presents several new installations. The exhibit showcases many projects, inviting visitors to lose themselves into JR's creative process, by retracing his first shots when he followed a group of graffiti artists in Paris in the early 2000s, as well as his first pastings. The show also goes back on his major series : Portrait of a Generation (an illegal pasting exhibition of portraits taken with a 28 millimeter lens) ; Women Are Heroes (that pays tribute to those who play an essential role in society but who are the primary victims of wars and conflicts) ; The Wrinkles of the City (a world scale project presented in various cities around the world where 'wrinkles', human as well as architectural, can be found) ; Unframed (in which JR reinterprets works by other photographers, giving them a new meaning by taking them out of their original context). The exhibit unveils for the first time in Europe an interactive mural about guns in America. In all, JR filmed and photographed 245 people - hunters and activists, teachers and police officers, parents and children - to create this mural for TIME's November 5, 2018, cover. Visitors are able to discover the mural in a unique way thanks to an online platform especially developed for the event.

November 7th, 2018 – February 10th, 2019
Maison Européenne de la Photographie - 5/7 Rue de Fourcy, 75004 Paris, France

Picture : Courtesy Perrotin, Photograph: Claire Dorn

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HORIZONTAL, JR's first solo gallery show in New York City

2018 Jul 3 - 01:22

JR's first solo show in NYC features on two floors approximately 30 new works, including a series of mechanical sculptures and a video projection. With his electric trains and model container ship, JR evokes the spirit of childlike wonderment and play. Mechanical train cars move forward and backward on their rails, converging and diverging to produce the image of a face that vanishes as soon as the train cars move again. In his model cargo ship, mechanical arms load and unload containers, the building blocks of a gaze.

The gaze is an ongoing theme for JR, and Horizontal presents a new take on this as he introduces glass as a support for images of eyes. Some works isolate a single eye on a double floating pane, while works like Inside Out, Ramallah - Tel-Aviv combine the eyes of two individuals across border walls and political divides.

For this show, JR has staged an intervention on the gallery building’s historic facade, as a human figure installed on a steel armature, appears to peek into the interior of the building. This work is reminiscent of JR’s Kikito installation (2017), the image of a child peering over the Mexican border wall, similarly mounted on scaffolding.

New works by JR take up the four-color printing process of printed advertising posters. This harkens to many of JR’s in situ wheat paste installations, but re-introduces color and embraces the dotted, graphic sensibility of this particular technical process. Shown alongside these works are the four-color plates that are used for printing ‘billboards,’ affording the viewer a glimpse into JR’s process. “It is with these plates of bright colors that the images are printed. Even those who send us back to anxious situations are made up of bright, cheerful reds, yellows and blues. Each of these colors is essential for the constitution of an image,” explains JR.

JR explores new territories while remaining true to his approach of asking questions through artistic installations. The giant eye wheat-pasted on the roof of the gallery in Lower Manhattan is that of Mayra, a “Dreamer,” visible only from the sky of New York, city of dreams and possibilities. Despite the installation’s horizontal orientation, her gaze is cast upwards.

June 28 – August 17, 2018
PERROTIN 130 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

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Le Refettorio Paris - A Social Restaurant

2018 Mar 19 - 22:30



The amazing chef Massimo Bottura opened a permanent restaurant in Paris on place de la Madeleine, called Le Refettorio Paris. The concept is to use what people think is waste and transform it into opportunities! Every night chefs will turn ordinary ingredients into extraordinary meals. This is not a charity project, it's a cultural one. JR created an art installation for the space. 


JR at The Armory Show 2018

2018 Mar 19 - 22:10

Invited by The Armory Show, JR’s “So Close,” presented by Artsy and Jeffrey Deitch at the entry to Pier 94, faces us with a line of immigrants, waiting. The archival image from Ellis Island is updated with Syrians’ portraits JR took at the Zaatari refugee camp. 



2018 Mar 19 - 22:02


JR and Agnès Varda traveled the French countryside to meet local residents and produce giant photographic portraits of them. Although they are separated in age by more than half a century, Varda and JR both revel in the power of images and in documenting the lives of everyday people. Their movie, FACES PLACES was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary 2018.


Welcome to Casa Amarela !

2017 Dec 20 - 23:41

JR and Mauricio Hora, local photographer and historian of Morro da Providência, the first favela of Brazil, set up Casa Amarela in 2009 after JR's project "Women are Heroes." Casa Amarela is a cultural house at the top of the oldest favela of Rio de Janeiro, that is used as a cultural center for its residents. The space is used to offer activities around Art, Education, Culture - art workshops, theater, capoeira, dance, yoga, photography, language classes... Casa Amarela is open everyday for residents, who come after school or work to express their artistic and creative selves. Any artist from all over the world can use the space to give a workshop to the youth of the community.



2017 Dec 20 - 22:29


Invited by Chateau La Coste, JR inaugurated a new installation in December 2017. In the Renzo Piano Pavilion, he has created an optical illusion that appears very simple while achieving technical prowess.


 Gigantic picnic at the US-Mexico border fence

2017 Oct 17 - 00:28

On October 8th, for the last day of his huge scaffolding installation on the Mexican side of the border between the United States and Mexico, JR organized a gigantic picnic on both sides of the fence. Kikito, his family and hundreds of guests came from the US and Mexico to share a meal together. People gathered around the eyes of a Dreamer, eating the same food, sharing the same water, enjoying the same music (half of the band on each side). The wall was forgotten for a few moments ...

More about the project:

The Washington Post:
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JR in Tecate

2017 Sep 12 - 00:53

JR inaugurated last week a huge scaffolding installation on the Mexican side of the border between the United States and Mexico. The piece is best viewed from the US side of the border. An immense image of Kikito, a one year old boy from the city of Tecate, looks playfully over the infamous border wall. Kikito and his family cannot cross the border to see the artwork from the ideal vantage point.
If you are in Southern California, go and see it before October 2nd; the exact location is:

More about the project
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