Can Art Change the War?, A Solidarity NFT Project for Ukraine

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Can Art Change the War?, A Solidarity NFT Project for Ukraine

March 22 - 28, 2022

JR’s latest project, featured on the cover of Time magazine, depicts hundreds of people in Lviv, Ukraine, carrying the image of 5-year-old refugee Valeriia.


On March 14th, JR arrived in Lviv, Ukraine. A week before, Ukrainian photographer Artem Iurchenko had sent JR images of children who were crossing into Poland to seek refuge. One of those children was five-year-old Valeriia, pictured on the cover, from Kryvyi Rih in central Ukraine.

The photograph of smiling Valeriia was then printed on a 148 foot (45 meters) long tarp, which JR and the team walked across the border. Within minutes, a hundred people showed up in the center of Lviv wanting to help. Each person took hold of a section of the tarp, and together, unfolded the image.

As JR moved through the city with the image, many joined the march, reminding those flying above Ukraine that there are people down there who need to be protected. Valeriia and the 7.5 million children of Ukraine are the future, and their images remind us what the country is fighting for.


When JR left the country, he realized how difficult it was for women and children to get to safety due to the long queues at the border. Even more could be done to provide assistance at different border crossings and help the Ukrainians fleeing their country.

Therefore, JR has decided to launch two NFTs to fund the project. By collecting them, you’re participating in the mission, since all proceeds will go towards supporting refugees exiting Ukraine at different border crossings.


The collection consists of 2 NFTs :

- Valeriia Unfurling, a video NFT that can be minted directly on

- Valeriia, a photograph NFT, that can be purchased here using a credit card or Paypal.


100% of the funds generated from primary and secondary sales will be dedicated to the creation of a logistics network that will bring food, warmth and comfort to the thousands of women and children queuing for hours at different Ukrainian border crossings.


If you don’t already have one, you will have two weeks to create a cryptocurrency wallet in order to claim your NFT. You will be sent instructions on how to do so.

The minting process of the two NFTs is now live and will be available until March 28, 2022.

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