The App that Gives Life and Voice to JR's Murals

The “JR:murals” app allows you to experience JR’s artwork in a new and interactive way. Using augmented reality, you can hear what every person in the mural has to say, giving life to each portrait.

Download “JR:murals” for iPhone or Android.

Museum visitor using "JR:murals" app at the JR: Chronicles exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. New York, NY, USA, 2019-2020

The app includes five epic murals, four of which are part of JR’s Chronicles project that imagines how a city or issue can be represented through art. Installations of the murals have been shown in museums and institutions around the world. “JR:murals” allows viewers to gain further knowledge about the individuals who make up the artwork. Audio recordings and their transcripts are available for each portrait in the "JR:murals" app. 

The Chronicles of San Francisco, Mural detail, San Francisco, USA, 2018

Download the app and point your phone camera at any version of The Chronicles of Miami, The Chronicles of New York City, or The Chronicles of San Francisco murals to hear from a participant. 

Participant listening to stories from The Gun Chronicles: A Story of America, 2019.

The Chronicles of New York City, Mural detail, USA, 2019.

Point your phone camera at a participant in The Chronicles of New York City mural to hear their story.