Unframed, Baden Baden

Baden-Baden, Germany


UNFRAMED, Little French girl "Françoise" playing in the Hochstraße at Baden-Baden, around 1952, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2014

Unframed, Baden-Baden, 2014

In February 2014, JR brings the Unframed project to Baden-Baden, Germany. As a large-scale project in the city’s urban space, Unframed Baden Baden addresses German-French history and the friendship between the two countries.

By putting up posters featuring historical photographs from people’s private photo albums in Baden-Baden’s historic city, JR places the theme in a new context. In the run-up to the exhibition, citizens of Baden-Baden were invited to participate and submit their own personal photographs. The city has always been a link between Germany and France, after decades of enmity, the reluctant rapprochement between the two countries is palpable through pastings.

UNFRAMED, During the record of the radiophonic play for children on SWF Kampf der Tertia, 1951, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2014

UNFRAMED, Brigitte Cardaillac and Hans-Rüdiger Vogt, Hardbergbad Baden-Baden, august 1967, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2014

UNFRAMED, Hanswolfgang Bergs, editor for SWF-Filmschau, during an interview with Romy Schneider, 1956, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2014

UNFRAMED, The side-car world champion crew Wilhelm Noll and Fritz Cron in their BMW, 1953, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2014

UNFRAMED, Sound engineer of SWF Heinz Staerk cuting 78 rpm record, 1947, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2014